Ecotour 2015


Organizer: “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educomplex

Supporters: Ministry of Education and Science of RA

Ministry of Nature Protection

The aim of the Eco Tour: Drawing the attention of the society to ecological problems, solution of the ecological problems with educational projects, founding an eco-public educational library, improvement of environment


Spreading the idea and program of the Eco Tour– May 2014- April 2015

“Environment Day” Review 2014

Working out the project of the Eco Tour 2015: September 2014 – April 2015

Review of the energy saving projects: November 11, 2014

Reception of applications: April 6-12, 2015

Tree Day in the Educomplex: April 22

Work presentations: April 28-29

Memorial of tree and flower planting: April 24

Summarizing of the results, round table discussions, closing ceremony of the Eco Tour 2015, media concert, handing in rewards: April 30

Learners’ groups of public schools up to five from Armenia, Georgia, Artsakh and other countries can take part in the Eco Tour

The participating teams are supposed to present two projects one of which is obligatory for all participants.

Obligatory work – Practical projects on environment improvement

Suggested themes:

1. River and riverbed basic problems

2. Effective use and economy of water resources

3. Energy saving at home, at school, other places

4. Basic problems the habitat

5. Basic problems related to agriculture

6. Problems of scrap metal removing and abandoned constructions.

7. Perspectives and potential of Ecotour development

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