Educational Eco Tour 2014: Announcement

The 4th annual review of eco educational  projects

April 24-26



Supporters: Ministry of ES of RA

Ministry of Nature Protection of RA


The objectives of Eco Tour 2014

Drawing the attention of the society to ecological problems, solution of the ecological problems with educational projects, founding an eco public educational library, improvement of environment

The participants of Eco Tour 2014

Groups consisting of up to five persons involving students and teachers from public educational schools of Armenia, Artsakh and Georgia

·         The groups represent public educational schools (classes)

·         Non formal groups or clubs of learners

The themes of the  Eco Tour 2014


·         Waste and rubbish free school, community

·         Our yard is to be a garden

·         The ecological problems of our mountains

·         Country roads

·         The slow liquidation of the after-effects of 1988’s earthquake is an eco disaster

·         Rivers and wild passion for constructing hydropower stations

·         River-bed

·         Nests for birds

·         Key problems of settlements (examples of actual problems)

Applications are admitted from April 13 to 20. Applications are filled in online on the official website of the review.

Applications should include:

·         An educational project on the solution of an ecological problem and the results of its realization

·         A program applying for grants: extension of the educational project or another educational project.

The timetable of the Eco Tour

·         April 22: the Tree Day: the Eco Tour participants mark the Day in their own habitat, school and tell about it on the Eco Tour website

·         April 24-26: Creative Gathering of the Eco Tour participants in the «Mkhitar Sebastatsi» Educomplex; presentation of projects, a round table discussion, master classes

·         April 24: Uniting undertaking in the :Mkhitar Sebastatsi» Educomplex

April 25 at 15:15: Eco concert in the marble hall

April 26 at 15:00: Summarizing the results of the Eco Tour

June 5: The Environment Day; the participants of the Eco Tour mark the Environment Day in their own habitat, school and tell about it on the Eco Tour website.

July – August: Camps for the Eco Tour winners

The winning projects get a small grant. The results of the projects realized with grants are presented at the Eco Tour 2015. The prize of the review is the ticket to the Eco Tour 2014 camp.

Encouraging prizes are intended for the Eco Tour dissemination, advertisements, eco stories, eco films, series of photos and eco blogs.

The Educomplex provides the Armenian translation of the projects presented in other languages.

The review participants can be provided with accommodation in the educational exchange living quarters of the Educomplex; they can also have a free access to digital means and the Internet.

Official site :

Tel: (37410 ) 74 72 46

The review director: Marta Asatryan  (37495) 61 70 70, [email protected]


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