Schedule of the 6th Annual Review of Public Educational Projects of Nature Protection

desktop22-1Eco Tour 2016


Organizer: “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educomplex
Supporters: Ministry of ES of Ra, Ministry of Nature Protection of RA

The Eco Tour aim is drawing public attention to problems of nature protection, solution to nature protection problems with the help of educational projects, establishing-strengthening bridges of ecological education, carrying out eco-educational exchange programs, improving environment.


  • Spreading the Eco Tour idea and program –from May 2015 to April 2016
    “Environment Day” Review

·         Public educational Eco Tour winners’ camps in Tbilisi and Zikatar

Work Order and Schedule

Beginning from the 1st of March

·         Presenting Eco Tour projects, supporting junior friends

·         “School Yard is a School Garden” projects in the schools of the Educomplex

·         Involving new partners

March 23-27

·         Project “Eco Lesson in Tbilisi”

·         Introducing Eco Tour materials to our Georgian friends

Beginning from the 1st of April

·         Meeting specialists working in the field of nature protection

·         Eco Tour special events:

  1. May 2015-April 2016 – Spreading the Eco Tour idea and program
  2. April 6-25 – Accepting Eco Tour applications
  3. April 24-29: Eco Tour review of nature protection and country studies in Yerevan
  4. April 26-27: presentations
  5. April 22: Tree Day
  6. April 24: commemoration planting trees and flowers, improvement work
  7. April 29: summary of the results, round-table discussion, closing ceremony of the Eco Tour 2016, concert, awarding the winners

Groups of learners (1+4) from public educational schools of Armenia, Artsakh and Georgia can take part in the Eco Tour. The participating teams are to present two projects, one of which is mandatory for all the participants and should be a practical project aimed at improving environment.

Suggested themes for the Eco Tour 2016

Practical work

  1. Project: “School Yard is a School Garden”
  2. Projects: “Nests for Birds”
  3. Compost
  4. Recycling wastes
  5. Pollution of rivers

Research work

  1. Abandoned Constructions
  2. Mining Industry
  3. Plastic Chaos
  4. Farming
  5. Illegal Deforestation
  6. Poaching
  7. Safe Food


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